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The Game Changer!

"The Advantages of Franchising without the Franchise! "


There are 25 million small businesses in the USA. 12% are franchised/flagged and do 42% of the business!

Remarkably and regrettably only a paltry 21% of non-flagged businesses are truly successful, while 85% of flagged businesses are successful!. Franchises work and work well and are the primary ingredient for lowering risk and increasing profits in appropriate business ventures.

Problem: Franchises will only work for businesses that are easily duplicated not complex multifaceted hospitality businesses.

Problem: Financing complex businesses without a franchise is virtually impossible!

Problem: Selling your non-flagged hospitality business at your price - unlikely!

Problem: Franchisees don't own their flag/brand.

Problem: Multiplying your business model without a franchise - next to impossible.

Solution: "YourFlagExperiences" license: It looks like a franchise, acts like a franchise, provides the benefits of a franchise, but is not a franchise. Remember, franchises simply don't work on business models that are not easily duplicated, period!

YourFlagExperiences license works because it is custom designed for your complex hospitality business. That's what we're selling and that's what you're buying. And you own the flag and the brand. And your business will qualify for funding…at full value! And you can grow and multiply your business model. And, should you elect to sell, your licensed business can get funded.

Who influenced the "YourFlagExperiences" license?

Much of the input into the operating, marketing and financial protocols is based on ClubCorp & ClubResorts experiences - John Meeske, former President of ClubResorts, sold his resorts to ClubCorp to help build ClubResorts. This company purchased 276 financially troubled country clubs and resorts over 50 years. The turnaround experience/education was extremely beneficial in creating "YourFlagExperiences" license opportunity. Many of the key people on our team have had the privilege of working with ClubCorp, some for as many as 50 years. ClubCorp was the largest single owner of Resorts & Country Clubs in the world until it was sold in 2006.

Others, such as Mark Wibel, former executive and owner with (OutBack and Carrabba's) and a key developer of our restaurant licensing system, provided proven strategies for the "YourFlagExperiences" license. H. Gary Morse, founder of the largest retirement village in the nation, "The Villages" outside of Orlando Florida, has been inspirational in creating and developing experiences for The Experience Company, as have Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore, authors of The Experience Economy.

The Experience Company owes an enormous debt of gratitude to the following people for their advise & contributions to the "YourFlagExperiences" license business model:

"The Villages" of Orlando, Florida - Not only the largest retirement resort village, but offers the greatest number of Experiences - H. Gary Morse, founder & Chairman "The Villages". John Meeske worked side by side with Gary in Chicago in the late 60's, leased a restaurant of his family's in northern Michigan in the early 70's and they have remained good friends every since. In fact, Gary was John's best man at his wedding.

"The Grand Hotel", Mackinaw Island - Experiences turned this property into a world class financial & strategic winner - Dan Musser CEO & member of the founding family.

"ClubCorp and ClubResorts" - Formerly the largest Country Club and Resort Country Club company in the world. Robert H. Dedman authored "The King of Clubs" and was the founder & former Chairman of ClubCorp and ClubResorts. Robert Dedman Jr. CEO, ClubCorp (currently owner of Pinehurst) introduced the book "The Experience Economy" as our foundational guide in developing the "YourFlagExperiences" license and business model.

"The Caribbean Islands" -Specifically St Maarten-St Martin - John Edmondson, 22 years experience in the islands, working with companies like ITT Sheraton, Divi Resorts, and Sunterra Resorts in resort operations, business development and sales & marketing.

"The Resort Experience Company" founder & CEO John F. Meeske - Turnaround owner/partner of Shanty Creek & Schuss Mountains (Michigan), President of ClubResorts, CEO of Dill's Restaurant of Traverse City Mi. and founder of The Center for Resort, Club and Leisure Real Estate, Methodist University NC. Currently writing a book entitled Resorts: Rich Man's Toy.

"Outback, Carrabba's, Delux Steak Houses, Cheeseburger in Paradise". Mark Wibel, owner/operator of numerous restaurants and other non-franchised successful restaurant enterprises. Mark brought the successful strategy of owner manager to each of his restaurants.

"Disney Corporation" We sent students there for internship from the Center for Resort Club and Leisure Real Estate at Methodist University. The University used the Disney education business model and intern program as part its curriculum. The book - The Experience Economy - by Jim Gilmore and Joe Pine.

"Center for Resort, Club & Leisure Real Estate", Reeves School of Business, Methodist University - launched by John Meeske in 2000, CEO, The Resort Experience Company.

"ClubCorp and ClubResorts", Jerry Dickenson, CEO ClubCorp; COO, ClubResorts; Professor, North Texas State Univ and. John F. Meeske, President ClubResorts

"The Pinehurst Resort" - Pat Corso, CEO of Pinehurst for 18 years, John Meeske, President of ClubResorts (which owned, redeveloped, repositioned & repurposed Pinehurst) after its financial troubles in the early 80's.

The Atwood Resort in Ohio -The Eric Trout with Outdoor Adventures, Tim Maurer and Andy Smith with the Mikula Spa, Akron General Wellness, Kent State University Tuscarara, Jim & John Cook of Cook Golf, Mark Wibel formerly with Carrabba's for their efforts in creating the prototype business model for "YourFlagExperiences".

"Franchise Development of Ohio" - Franchise Development license for Ohio. Bill Nelson, owner.

"FranCorp"- One of the largest franchise companies in the USA and its CEO/Principal Don Borian.

"Ron Lavoie" Former leader of Meadowbrook Golf Management Company: Dick Harmon golf company prototype and professor at Methodist University- largest educational management golf program in USA. Built a financially successful golf strategic plan based on the hypothesis that 80% of non-golfers want to golf.

"Hilton Hotel Corp" -The Hilton brand enabled Shanty Creek to raise capital and provided the opportunity and the credibility to sell over $200 million in real estate. While contributing significantly to hotel room and dining protocols, the Hilton franchise was not especially beneficial in selling ski and golf vacations or condominium and club memberships. Without question Hilton is a great company and the Hilton brand is remarkable. Ironically the Hilton organization would be a perfect candidate for "YourFlagExperiences" business model.


Who should purchase our license & why?

  1. Independent owners who need a business system that will qualify for debt & equity capital.
  2. The entrepreneur with a business model that can't be easily duplicated &/or fails the franchise test.
  3. Entrepreneurs who want to own their own FLAG and ultimately being able to sell it with the business.
  4. Banks and other entities that have become real estate owners by default and want to sell.
  5. Entrepreneurs and owners who want to sell their business and perhaps retain the real estate, yet protect the protocols and experiences.
  6. Banks and other institutions holding foreclosed properties and wanting the existing owner/debtor to continue operations via a proven successful business model.
  7. Owners who want to sell the business, retain the real estate and protect the protocols and experiences for all stakeholders.
  8. Owners and entrepreneurs who want to share ownership with management and employees.
  9. Entrepreneurs and owners who want to sell and are willing to finance the sale.
  10. Owners and entrepreneurs who are poised to grow their business model but need to raise capital.
  11. Owners seeking to merge with another company, yet retain protocols, employees & experiences.
  12. Entrepreneurs who need USDA, SBA, EB5, bridge loans, private equity, that require a business system that protects all stakeholders
  13. Entrepreneurs and owners that retain management companies to operate and require an asset manager.
  14. Entrepreneurs who want & need a customized system where they, not a franchise, control the experiences to meet budgets.
  15. Owners & entrepreneurs seeking a JV partner.
  16. For entrepreneurs and owners who recognize that protocols, relationships and experiences ARE the most valuable assets of the business.

The "YourFlagExperience" license - created by complex business owners for complex business owners of:

Country Clubs, Destination Resorts, Leisure Hotels, Golf / Ski Developments, Ranch Conversions, Island & Beach Resorts, Wellness/ Spa/Fitness Resorts and Clubs, and ALL complex hospitality businesses that can't be franchised or do not want to be franchised!

(Franchises work for simple, easily duplicated business models. "YourFlagExperiences" license business model works for complex hospitality businesses that can not effectively and successfully be duplicated!)